Spoil Your S.O. With A Chocolate Valentine’s Day Dessert Cocktail

I hope someday to have the sense of self-worth required to shake up an extravagant dessert cocktail for myself, but at this point, the only way I’m drinking something this luxurious is if someone else makes it for me. Dessert cocktails feel very special; they’re sort of the cocktail equivalent of an elaborate bubble bath or a long silk robe worn by a 1940s starlet. Most days, we’re more into drinking the cocktail equivalent of a 3 minute shower or old sweatpants. But Valentine’s Day is different. While you might feel weird drawing yourself a fancy bath or buying yourself a robe that would make Lauren Bacall swoon, if someone else does it for you it suddenly feels deserved and wonderful. That’s why this Valentine’s Day you should make your S.O. feel super loved with this indulgent dessert cocktail featuring Mozart Milk Chocolate Liqueur (it combines Belgian chocolate, fresh cream, and vanilla and is 100% undeniably irresistible). It’s elegant, romantic, and doesn’t involve you having to clean out a bathtub. Get on it.

Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Cocktail Instructions:

Start out by assembling your barware and your ingredients. In terms of barware, you’ll need a shaker, a small measuring cup, a cocktail pick, and two small strainers (you can get away with using one, but two will make your life a lot easier). For ingredients, you’ll need premium Mozart Milk Chocolate Cream Liqueur, cognac, cold brew coffee, heavy whipping cream, raspberry liqueur, freeze dried raspberries, and a chocolate heart garnish.

Before you start mixing up the cocktails, it’s important to prep your glassware. These drinks are rimmed with bright red raspberry dust, and you’ll have to add this to the glass before you pour the cocktail into them (trying to achieve this look after pouring the cocktail is disastrous, trust me). To create the dust, crush up some freeze dried raspberries then add the pieces to a small strainer. Over a plate, tap the strainer repeatedly so that dust begins to fall out the bottom of it onto a plate. Soon, you’ll see the fine red dust start to accumulate. Repeat until you have a nice amount. Next, moisten the rim of your glassware and then dip it into the powder. The rim of the glass should now be a nice crimson (it’s only ok to use that word in romance novels or around V-day, and I stand by it). Try not to let any of the dust fall into the glass because it will look messy later. Then set the glasses aside.

Now it’s time to shake up the cocktails. Add all ingredients to your shaker with a healthy amount of ice. Shake vigorously for 25-30 seconds, then carefully strain the creamy cocktail into the prepared glasses. 

SpiritedLA and Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

Try very hard at this point not to disturb the raspberry dust on the rims. Fill the glasses to almost the brim, then take the strainer full of the raspberries and start dusting the tops of the drinks with more of the tart raspberry dust. Once you have a healthy coating, delicately skewer your chocolate hearts with cocktail picks and set them on top of your glasses.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur and SpiritedLA Valentine's Day Cocktail recipe

Enjoy these beautifully creamy chocolate cocktails with your S.O. and make them wonder what they did to deserve you. 😉 


Serves 2. Aww.

  • 2 oz cognac
  • 1.5 oz Mozart Milk Chocolate liqueur
  • 1.5 oz heavy cream
  • 1 oz cold brew coffee (or room temperature espresso)
  • 1 oz black raspberry liqueur
  • Handful of freeze dried raspberries
  • 2 chocolate hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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