5 Spots In The Bay Area That Let You Work While You Drink

Alcohol is a tremendous force for good in the service of getting work done. It makes us more open. More creative. Less likely to focus on challenges, and more on opportunities. Ideas take on the sparkle of potential, not the dread of added labor. Essentially, the 50s martini lunch was wildly underrated.

(I mean, sure, alcohol can also do a number on your spelling and shouldn’t be paired with filling out a reasonable expense report, but that’s what coffee is for).

Sadly, there aren’t a ton of laptop-friendly places where you can grab a decent drink while you work. Here’s a list of SF spots that let you do just that.

1) The Interval

The Interval at Long Now

The Interval at Long Now is part museum, part salon space, and part bar. From the thoughtfully-crafted cocktails to the art installations, there’s no shortage of creative inspiration here. If spending time in this Hogwarts of a bar doesn’t get you motivated, I’m not sure what will.

2) Arlequin

Sparkling Rosé in the Bay

While Arlequin doesn’t have a full bar, it DOES have a sprawling back patio, solid snacks, a convenient location, and an attached wine shop. If you’re looking to get some work done with wine that goes beyond “I dunno, do you have, like, a cab?” then this is your spot.

3) Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Gin and Tonic

This local chain has a few locations in the East Bay, but our Coffee Shop location of choice is in Lafayette. It’s got a simple but well executed menu, plenty of indoor and outdoor space, good coffee, reasonable prices, and a full liquor license. Start off your work session with iced tea and avocado toast on their sunny warm patio and transition into St. George G & Ts. Yes please.

4) Mersea

Manhattans Mersea

When I first moved to SF, Treasure Island was a mystery to me. It’s right outside the city, the views are unbeatable, and no one ever goes there. WTF guys.

Ok, I STILL think it’s weird that Treasure Island isn’t more popular. Especially now that it’s home to Mersea. With wide lawns and a series of ultra-modern container-style buildings, Mersea is an unbeatable spot for watching the sun set over the city with a killer burger and a manhattan. If you can do all that while finishing up some work on your laptop, I don’t know why you’d leave.

5) StemCocktails at Stem

You might wonder if you’re in the wrong place when you show up in front of Stem Kitchen because it’s surprisingly located in an office building. But enter the lobby, climb up the stairs, and you’ll find a sleek bar, dining room, and an impressive outdoor space with views of the water. It’s feels almost like a corporate speakeasy front that gives you hope that there are great bars in every office building.

While it’s a nice place for a more formal lunch or dinner, in the afternoons it’s ideal for  coffee and a cocktail with your laptop and views of the Bay.

Thanks for making work sessions more fun guys. You’re doing a good thing here.

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