26 Drinks To Make When You’re Feeling Lazy

There are nights at home when I am excited to pamper myself with a labor-intensive craft cocktail, and there are nights when I barely have the energy to pour something out of a bottle. On one of those second nights (while I was drinking my favorite lazy “cocktail” of choice: bourbon, frozen peaches, water, and cloudy ice) I wondered what everyone else drank when they were in this state:


Understandably, we’d rather show off our prettiest and most effort-intensive cocktails on Instagram than our “what pairs well with last night’s take out” drinks of shame, so these tasty (yet often tasteless) drinks don’t get a lot of attention. But while they might not be too photogenic, but there’s a lot to be said for them: they’re easy to make, enjoyable, and they can reveal something about the essence of what we really love in a drink.

Lazy peaches and bourbon cocktail

So, while “make less of an effort” is generally the COMPLETE opposite of my mantra, I decided to ask my Instagram followers for their favorite casual cocktails so that I could catalogue and share our wealth of garbage-y cocktail expertise. Here’s what they said:

  1. @alan_thornton28: A French 75 with PBR instead of champagne.
  2. @andrewgura: La Croix grapefruit and whatever rosé is already open.
  3. @beaucolburn: 1:1 rye/amaro.
  4. @boozehoundcc: Krogstad aquavit or Green Chartreuse with root beer.
  5. @Bryanmgreen: Fernet & Coke, or a Mamie Taylor.
  6. @cheerstohappyhour: Last Word and Aviation.
  7. @cwillingworth: 2 oz gin, pamplemousse La Croix, and a mint leaf.
  8. @danielmajid, @ghostquiche: Fernet + Coke.
  9. @uncorked_oc: Suicide Sangria: wine past its prime, whatever juice is around, flavored vodka, liqueur, soda water, fresh fruit. To be enjoyed with your mother-in-law.
  10. @friar_stu: Whiskey sour without measuring (and considering trying out a “red neck margarita” made with Mountain Dew and tequila).
  11. @gastronomcocktails: spiced rum and apple cider.
  12. @garnishcraftcocktails: Whiskey + glass.
  13. @heart_r: “Whatever is in the Fridge” cocktail: rum, pineapple juice, coco Lopez, lime, ice, shake in Mason jar. Or vodka, juice, and La Croix.
  14. @holycityhandcraft: Good vermouth, a big rock, and a lemon twist.
  15. @jake.on.the.rocks: “I’ve Had a Long Day and am Ready to Party but More Whiskey Will Probably Kill Me:” a lot of tequila, ginger ale, lime, and ginger shot concentrate.
  16. @jaredlead: Premixed Boulevardiers.
  17. @mikegilbs: Drinking directly from the Bulleit bottle.
  18. @nicolasreines: White Russian.
  19. @oliver.hiller: Cheeky Vimto.
  20. @ongodavid: Trader Joe’s tea lemonade in summer, pear cider and bourbon in the winter.
  21. @richardlossing: Manhattan or Martini, without measuring anything and a double garnish.
  22. @robert_mcgee_: 2 oz cognac, .5 oz Benedictine with ice.
  23. @spiritedla: frozen peaches, water, ice, and bourbon.
  24. @the_barleo: gin and tonic with homemade tonic solution and sweetened with whatever syrup or shrub they’re in the mood for.
  25. @thefrenchmixologist: The White Spider
  26. @zerospecbebop: PBR and a shot of Mellow Corn whiskey.

May god have mercy on our closet-cocktail-slob souls. Message me on Instagram if you have one you’d like to add!

Lazy peach and bourbon cocktail

For more original cocktails and tips on where to drink in California, check out @spiritedLA on Instagram. 



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