Spend Your Next Very Merry Unbirthday With The New Alice And Wonderland Menu At Corner Door


As the Cheshire Cat says, “Which way you ought to go depends on where you want to get to.” So if you want to go to a place with extravagantly themed-cocktails, meticulously executed bar bites, and creepily whimsical illustrated menus, head to Corner Door to check out the recent launch of its new Alice and Wonderland menu.

What to drink: The full menu, tbh. Bartender Beau Du Bois has consistently delivered a menu of superbly-balanced and distinctively-flavored cocktails, but even with his stellar track record, the Alice and Wonderland program stands out.

The “Mushroom Valley” arrives on a tray made from the cross-section of a tree and covered in a smoke-filled dome. After it’s unveiled and the wafts of hickory smoke clear, you see a promising glass of mushroom-infused boozy goodness, a small field of edible dirt, and some carefully balanced meringue toadstools. Rest assured, this fungal twist isn’t weird for the sake of being weird; the candy cap and shiitake-infused bourbon is subtle, refreshingly unusual, and perfect with the lingering smoke.

Also, eat the garnishes. You can’t make claims of sanity and also say no to meringue-laced candy cap mushrooms and chocolate dirt.


Mushroom Valley at Corner Door from @spiritedLA

The other most Instagram-worthy drink on the list is Beau’s whiskey-based English milk-punch, the “Drink Me.” It takes three days to make, and has consistently sold out night after night— clearly, it’s worth his effort. Whether the cocktail’s popularity comes more from its creamy, soft mouthfeel or from its fantastical presentation, either way, its name offers some pretty solid advice.

Drink Me at Corner Door from @spiritedLA

Other themed items on the drink menu include the fresh and spring-like “Tigerlily,” the bright carrot-colored “Bunch of Time,” and the bitter-floral “Afternoon Beheading.”

Tigerlily at Corner Door from @spiritedLA

Bunch of Thyme at Corner Door from @spiritedLA

Afternoon Beheading at Corner Door from @spiritedLA

Who to go with: Friends who swoon over cocktail porn, Westsiders willing to go beyond Abbot Kinney, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey, and fans of fairy tales (we’d bet there’s a healthy audience of Disney-philes who’d be down to Mad Tea Party here too).

What to eat: While not closely tied to the Lewis Carrol theme, Chris Martinez’s food is another new and valuable addition to this iteration of Corner Door. Don’t miss the indulgently salty and crisp chicharrones, the clean and sweet seared scallops, and the octopus with tamarind and fresh english peas.

After all, the more you eat, the more you get to drink. Win-win.Seared Scallops at Corner Door

Chicken Breast at Corner Door

Octopus at Corner Door

Artichokes at Corner Door

When to go: There are two great times to visit: early (5-6 PM), so you don’t run the risk of missing out on milk punch, and late, because Corner Door is thankfully open until 2 AM (they even serve their late-night menu until 1AM), so it’s a great place to end your evening on a high note.

Where to go: 12477 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Tiki at Corner Door



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