Paley’s New Winter Cocktails Ranked By Christmas Spirit

2016 has been a pretty dramatic year to say the least. Maybe that’s the reason it’s been harder than usual for some of us to get into the holiday spirit– I don’t know about you, but my newsfeed feels a little less full of the usual tree pics, Santa visits, and holiday party photo booth disasters. But rally we must, and luckily holiday cocktails are here to come to our aid.

Paley’s playful and diverse list of holiday drinks definitely does the trick, and I’ll be ranking their new seasonal cocktails based solely on Christmas-y-ness. If you’re in Hollywood and need a healthy dose of holiday cheer(s) here’s what to drink.

1. The Winterfell: scotch, calvados, and horchata eggnog.


Milky, sweet, and refreshing thanks to the horchata eggnog being gloriously dairy-free  (meaning these ‘nogs aren’t too heavy so you can drink with abandon).

2. The Hot Toddy: Gem & Bolt, Cointreau, orange, and lemon.


It will warm you up not only because it’s served hot, but also with smokey richness from mezcal. Not a hot toddy for beginners, but for the mezcal-inclined, a must.

3. Red Rider: vodka, vanilla, masala chai, Peychaud’s bitters, and lemon.


Not only is it pretty enough to hang on your tree (FTR, not recommended), it’s peak Christmas-ready with candy-ribbon sweetness and hints of winter spice.

4. 550 Spyder: whiskey, cranberry, pink peppercorn, lemon, and egg white.


A pretty whiskey sour laced with cold-weather cranberry and subtle notes of peppercorn spice. Plus, the soft egg white foam makes  it look like it’s covered in a blanket of snow. Total winter win.

5. Chili Nights: bourbon, cabernet sauvignon, Nonino, and chocolate chili bitters.


Dark, rich, and boozy but very approachable, this drink gets its holiday twist from its (spicy) hot chocolate bitters. That being said, we’d drink this any time of year.

6. Lil Ricky: tequila, pisco, kumquat, cinnamon, and lime.


Vibrant and refreshing, with bitter kumquat notes and cinnamon accents, this drink was delicious but definitely had the least holiday feel. That wouldn’t stop us from ordering a second round though.

Happy holidays!

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