SpiritedLA Abroad: Art Of The Cocktail

If you’re lucky enough to be in Portland right now (and we’re permanently jealous of anyone that is), and if you like cocktails and art (basically, if you have a soul) check out Beaverton art show “The Art of the Cocktail.” It’s a solo show featuring award-winning Portland artist Linda J. Baker, who took a departure from her usual still lifes and landscapes (see more of her work here) to focus on, “…the cocktail and the people who enjoy them.” I’m flattered to report that she chose to interpret two SpiritedLA cocktails for her show– I only wish I was there to see them!

The paintings will be showing June 1- June 25 at Art On Broadway, and if you’d like to check out the cocktail paintings with a cocktail in hand (like any sane person would), visit the gallery during the Artist Reception, Saturday June 11, 5pm-8pm, where Bootlegger’s Whiskey Bar will be showcasing a original cocktails and discussing the art that goes into mixing them.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre, by Linda J. Baker

st vals HD no glare
The Valentine’s Day Massacre by Linda J. Baker

The Valentine’s Day Massacre, by SpiritedLA

spiritedla valentines day massacre red
Valentine’s Day Massacre, by SpiritedLA

Stinger, by Linda Baker

stinger hd
Stinger, by Linda Baker


Stinger, By SpiritedLA

SpiritedLA Original Cocktail The Scout's Honor
Stinger, by SpiritedLA





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