SpiritedLA At Everson Royce Bar In The Arts District

For the last few years it’s become increasingly easy to come up with reasons to spend more time in the Arts District, and the Everson Royce Bar (or the “E.R.B.”) proves that this part of town is still only getting better.

Who to go with: A group of friends (quiet and laid back or a little more O.O.C.– this place likes people who like to have fun), cocktail nerds, whiskey lovers, your S.O.

What to drink:  Bartender Damian first directed me to the Gold Line, a stirred cocktail served up and named as an homage to the Gold Line train tracks being extended. It features irish whiskey, lillet blanc, curacao, and orange bitters– it’s boozy, round, warm, and ripe with citrus scent.  If you like Manhattans, Vieux Carrés, and Boulevardiers you’ll want more than one. Second, we went off-menu with an unnamed riff on a Paper Plane that included mezcal, lime, bitters, and yellow chartreuse. It’s easy for mezcal’s smokeyness to overwhelm subtler flavors, but the lime cut through it beautifully and the chartreuse had room to shine. While I didn’t get to explore it this visit, E.R.B. has a very robust whiskey list and offers an impressive tasting– good to know for future ref.

When to go: 1) When it opens at five to take advantage of its outdoors space and for a quieter feel, 2) after midnight because it valiantly doesn’t close up shop until it has to at 2 A.M. 3) after (or before) your reservation at one of the other great Arts District destinations.

Where: 1936 e 7th street, LA

Why: While the cocktails were top notch, the best part of this spot was its ability to combine precise cocktail crafting with a casual, fun, and effortless atmosphere. It takes its drinks seriously, but not itself.

Also, it’s got a parking lot onsite. Sold.

everson royce bar gold line spiritedla
Gold Line
everson royce bar spiritedla
Everson Royce Bar


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