SpiritedLA Original Cocktail: The Fern Hill

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Fresh pressed juice is healthy. Fresh pressed juice is in my cocktail. Thus, this cocktail is healthy (don’t argue plz).

It might be January, but this cocktail was made for spring. If you’re in the mood for something fresh, delicate, floral and lightly sweet give it a shot.

The Fern Hill:

  1. 1.5 oz pisco
  2. 1 oz fresh pressed honeydew juice
  3. .5 oz St. Germain
  4. .5 oz Art in the Age rhubarb liqueur
  5. .25 oz lime juice
  6. 3 dashes of rosewater
  7. 3 dashes of Scrappy’s grapefruit bitters
  8. Garnish with edible flower


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